This paper had in our workplace an ironic codename “Neverending paper” – the story of this paper starts already in 2016. And finally, our study entitled “Intermittent criticality multi-scale preparatory processes leading to large slip events on rough laboratory faults has been published in JGR – Solid Earth.

We investigate preparatory processes preceding large slip events on rough laboratory faults using a unique pool of seismo-mechanical spatio-temporal features derived from acoustic emission data. Our analysis highlights multi‐scale and rapidly evolving fault damage, roughness and stress changes evolution along the complex fault surface. The observations are neatly wrapped with the Intermittent Criticality concept that sheds a light on whether we are capable to predict large slips – runaway earthquakes.

To read our full paper, please click here.

Intermittent Criticality and Multi-Scale Processes: Unraveling Large Slip Events on Rough Laboratory Faults

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